Interactive Solutions

Interactive Solutions

Touch screen solutions permit customers to dig deeper, to find out more about what is on offer. It assists the inquisitive client to find products without the need for human help, Many of today’s customers have a preference for finding their own answers. IPC have delivered touch screen solutions to a large variety of clients from local governments to banks and retail outlets. It has created bespoke applications to meet the individual needs of each of its clients and their end consumers. IPC generates useful analytics which can be used to maximise the effectiveness of the screen deployment. Ease of interaction is becoming even more important to brands. Consumers want accurate information promptly in a suitable format. IPC have deployed interactive screens in banks and retail stores. In banks we have used them to automate the delivery of credit card applications, mortgage advisor meetings etc. In retail outlets we have used them to compare products on sale to aid a buyer make an informed choice. Again IPC will create bespoke applications to meet your business needs and enhance your customer experience.

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